Next Earth

Our Roadmap

Central to our project are the users, our community, comprising both individuals and companies. It's in this community that all our efforts are consolidated and further developed. Consequently, we've focused our knowledge base and activities around our users, establishing a core community platform akin to a seed from which something magnificent can grow.


Next Earth Wallet MVP

  • Implementing the ERC-6551 standard to a selected Next Earth Land
  • After your selected land is transformed it will operate as your HQ inside of Next Earth.
  • Your HQ will receive an NFT address and from that point forward it will act as a wallet that can store any future Next Earth assets and any other assets as well.

NE Card

  • With NE Card we are looking to implement a name card functionality to our offerings for businesses and customers.
  • Your NE Card is an NFT-based name card that shows the public information that you filled in on the name card.
  • Other than the usual name card features like CV and personal contact information we will implement web3-based information to the card as well.
2024 Q1
2024 Q2

Staking Rework

  • We are transforming our staking system to implement land-based functionalities.
  • With the rework also we are updating the staking mechanism to make it future-proof.

Land Burn

  • Implementing the Land Burn function will allow us to put the lands as the centerpiece of our metaverse.
  • Burning your Next Earth Land will generate a token for you that you can use inside of Next Earth
  • This token is expected to be used in: staking, tier system, HQ, launchpad, creating new layers and resources.
2024 Q2
2024 Q1

Moving to Blockchain

  • Moving our Unit and Tier system onto the blockchain is crucial to making Next Earth even more transparent and future-proof.
  • With this update, we will transform the current units into tokens and airdrop them to the current holders.
  • With this update, Units will play a more significant role in the future of Next Earth
  • Moving our Tier system onto the blockchain will let us implement the Tier system in partnering businesses and bringing them into our ecosystem

NE Avatars

  • Ne Avatars will be our first PFP collection
  • The Avatars will play an important role in the resource system since your avatars will gather your resources from your mines.
2024 Q3