Introducing next earth platform

NFT based, transparent digital land purchasing platform without a middle-man. Instantly buying selling land, directly from your wallet.

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We are using BSC network for faster and cheaper transactions

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Our smart contracts are built on ETH network

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We are validating prices through chainlink oracle

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Will be auditing our smart contracts

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Belkin marketing

Help us build a strong community

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We are using mapbox for map interface

why become
a virtual land owner?

Hot New Sector

This segment of crypto is still in its early stages, but it's already very hot!

Expanding Market

The number of virtual landowners will rise dramatically in the upcoming months and over the years.

Business Platform

The larger this community grows, the more businesses will be interested in entering this ecosystem.

Market Value

The larger the community and the ecosystem grows, the more valuable land will become.

Fair Allocation

Part of every single transaction in the Next Earth ecosystem will be allocated to landowners.


Only landowners will be able to stake Next Earth tokens and earn stake rewards

NFT Collectibles

Landowners can create their own NFT collectible portfolio.


Only landowners will be able to take part in the DAO Governance.

Environmental Charity

By buying land you will be supporting environmental charity purposes, because 10% of every new land purchase will be sent to the charity pool.

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early land distribution

Starts at 22nd of July 2021, UTC 03:00 PM
first milestone
22 July 2021

Land Pack PreSale


The purchase is made in BNB at the current exchange rate.
90% discount from the initial land price (fixed 0,01 BUSD/land tile)
Land Pack owners can start buying land 2 hours before everybody, when the land presale starts on the 12th of August!
Guaranteed allocation,
no whitelisting!
Limited purchase
second milestone
12 August 2021

Land PreSale

buy land before others!

The purchase is made in BNB at the current exchange rate.
First time, when land can be purchased directly from the map (from 0,1 BUSD/land tile)
Land Pack owners can start buying land 2 hours before land presale starts! They can purchase a maximum of 3X as much land as their pack value during this period.
Limited purchase
third milestone
19 August 2021

Land Sale

public market opens up!

The purchase is made in BNB at the current exchange rate.
Unlimited purchase directly from the map (? BUSD/land tile)
The Marketplace launch - where Land can be traded and sold.

Earn Rewards!

By spreading the word in the community, you can help us to succeed. In exchange we will reward your time and energy invested in our project.


Environmental Charity Organizations we are looking to support:

We are dedicated to making our World a better place with the help of a virtual one. A part of every transaction ever occurring in the Next Earth ecosystem, including land sales, will be sent to environmental charity organisations.


We are at the very beginning of a major metaverse project. In the upcoming weeks and months the main focus will be on the land distribution, the building of our community, and the introduction of Next Earth tokens.
With these steps, an ecosystem is created which will develop into a global digital platform on which businesses can thrive.

Get involved at the very beginning. Be an early adopter!

presale period
Land Pack PreSale
22 July 2021
presale period
Land Presale
12 August 2021
public sale period
public Land sale starts
19 August 2021
land trade begins
marketplace launch
19 August 2021
Introducing next earth tokens
2021 Q4
defi solutions
staking, token burning
2021 Q4
charity +
introducing next earth foundation
2022 Q1
phase 2
Resource allocation, economy building
2022 Q3
phase 3
Digital/VR Sales, Marketing, service platform
2022 Q3
phase 4
Environmental Charity expands


Next Earth

Metaverse, ecosystem, platform, DAO, with community appreciation, economy building, DeFi solutions, environmental charity, NFT collectibles, and a solid team behind it all. Most importantly, land ownership, through which you can be the owner of the project from its inception. You’ll gain all the advantages with being involved in the success of a major metaverse building project from the very beginning.

Control it

DAO governance in development directions, economy building strategies, charity allocations...

Make the best of it

Next Earth tokens with DeFi solutions (Staking, token burn, special allocations)

Spread the word

Massive community building, rewards, and appreciation (for crypto and mainstream users)

Make a difference

Environmental charity (Charity pool, Next Earth Foundation)
land ownership

Own it

Land ownership (Buy land from an exact copy of the Earth, marketplace for trading and selling, land NFT collectibles)
economy building

Build it

Economy building (collect resources, forge product NFTs)
business platform

Profit from it

Business platform operating (profit from business activities, use the platform services, or create your own one!)

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