Next Earth

Powering the Next Earth Ecosystem

What is NXTT?

NXTT (Next Earth Token) is the driving force behind our Next Earth Ecosystem. Think of it as the energy source that makes everything in our digital world go round. Every time NXTT is used, it adds value to the NXTT tokens.

Our Belief

At Next Earth, we believe in the power of a healthy, positively priced token. We're convinced that it can significantly boost the growth of our ecosystem and our community. That's why we're investing extra effort this year to ensure NXTT isn't just following market trends but is also backed by solid fundamentals for positive price movements.

Our New Year's Resolution

We're setting a goal: to take the NXTT value to new heights! Remember, this isn't a promise or financial advice; it's a public goal. Over the following months, we'll be doing more than ever, harnessing the power of our community to achieve this.

01.27.2022Launch date

Engaging New Users, Reactivating Existing Ones,
and Highlighting the Tier System

Reaching more people

We've started processes and completed developments that will increase our reach. Think growth through sales focus, growth hacking software developed by us, WTE (Work to Earn) system integration, and various community-building tools.

Tier system effect

In our new community architecture and all interactions within the ecosystem, the tier system will play a pivotal role. As it's tied to Next Earth Land and NXTT, demand for both old and new community members for NXTT will rise.

Pro Tip: Reach your desired tier level before it gets more expensive!

Business & Community based Utility

01 • Token

Exciting Token Launches Ahead!

Get ready for a dynamic Q1/Q2! We are going to be firing up our IDO launchpad. New tokens released here will be denominated in NXTT, so here's the great part: every new investment in these tokens also strengthens NXTT equivalently, thanks to their NXTT-based valuation.

02 • Tier system

More Benefits at Higher Tiers

Being higher in our tier system means better opportunities for you. Whether it's price, quantity, or timing, you'll have an advantage compared to others in our Launchpad projects.

03 • Projects

Searching for more projects

Alongside WTE quests, we support hackathons and conferences, where we aim to find valuable people and projects who can thrive in our ecosystem. Our goal is to onboard as many projects as possible introducing them to our incubation process.

04 • Token

Boosting NXTT Through Every Transaction

Every transaction within the Next Earth ecosystem is denominated in NXTT. Whether it's using our smart contract allocation system, participating in the tier system, launching token for a new project, or any other service, it generates traffic for NXTT. Traffic means liquidity, and liquidity means demand for NXTT and a healthy ecosystem.
A given percentage of all transactions is continuously allocated to the Next Earth distribution pool, from where WTE and staking features are paid out.

05 • Community

Motivational System in Development

We're developing a motivational system to reward community members who create Dapps or projects using NXTT. The more projects are operated with it, the higher the demand will be for NXTT.

06 • Community

Hackathons and Community-based Project Development

A key component of our upcoming hackathons is to create projects that use NXTT. If a project meets our expectations, it could enter the Next Earth incubation system. After reaching certain milestones, we'll launch its token, denominated in NXTT. Integrated into the Next Earth ecosystem, a portion of its turnover will benefit not only NXTT but also be redistributed through our smart contract allocation system to the Next Earth Pool thus users staking their land and NXTT. The benefit you receive this way will depend on your Tier level, how much NXTT you lock in, and later, how much land you burn.

07 • Community

WTE System in the Next Earth Community

Get ready for a revolutionary change in the Next Earth community with the introduction of our expansive and multifaceted Work to Earn (WTE) system. In February the beta version will already be publicly tested, so by early Q2, we can launch the full system.

08 • Community

The Next Earth Deals Page

We're launching the Next Earth Deals page soon. Here, we'll list tasks/quests under the WTE section, similar to those we'd assign to our team members, so community members can become part of the team. This approach gives our community members the chance to tap into emerging opportunities while scaling our output. You can earn revenue, build a career, and contribute to our collective success. Since this is an economic activity within our ecosystem, it will operate with NXTT tokens. The more output generated through the community, the greater liquidity for NXTT. Your position in the Tier system will be crucial for determining your WTE earnings, further boosting Tier system-based demand for NXTT.

09 • Token

Staking Reinvented

At Next Earth, our economy is built on a unique concept: landowners can stake NXTT tokens based on their tier in our system. This staking mechanism does more than just redistribute a portion of the project's revenue. It's a way to recognize and value the commitment of each user.
Soon our Land Burn-Based Staking system with other staking-based developments will be introduced. These approaches will boost the value of staked tokens, positively impacting their market price.

10 • Token

Token Buyback

Similar to traditional companies buying back their own assets, Next Earth sees this as an opportunity to reallocate revenue. We aim to strategically repurchase NXTT tokens, effectively reducing supply and enhancing value for our token holders.