Next Earth

Land Utility in Next Earth
Your Gateway to a New Digital Economy

Discover the Power of Land Ownership in Next Earth's Ecosystem

In Next Earth, the land you own isn't just a digital asset; it's the cornerstone of our revolutionary ecosystem. Your opportunities and influence within our project grow with the size of your land holdings and the amount of NXTT tokens you possess. The higher your tier in our system, the greater your opportunities to unlock the full potential of Next Earth.


Revolutionary NFT-Based Land Ownership

Our lands are built on cutting-edge NFT technology, giving you direct and indisputable ownership of your digital real estate. This isn't just owning a piece of digital land; it's holding a stake in the future of virtual economies.

Smart Contract Allocation: A New Era of Revenue Sharing

The backbone of Next Earth's economy is our smart contract allocation system, allowing for land-based revenue sharing. Initially tested with a simple NXTT staking protocol, we're soon launching the next-gen staking, where your land plays a pivotal role. By participating in revenue reallocation based on our tier system, users will be required to 'burn' or permanently retire certain lands. This not only favors large landowners but also encourages continuous land purchase, boosting the floor price of Next Earth land NFTs and introducing a deflationary nature to Next Earth lands.


A Land-Based Metaverse with a Focus on Utility and Virtual Representation

Next Earth is more than just a digital space; it's a land-based Metaverse where economic utility and virtual representation go hand in hand. From 3D-rendered worlds, whether realistic or fictional, to map-based games, our layer system can display it all. More than just visual representation, users can create their economies, interlinked with the genesis layer, offering interoperability and endless possibilities.


Resource System: The Foundation of Next Earth's Playable Economy

Launching soon is our resource system, a collection of various raw material NFTs mined from Next Earth lands. These resources serve multiple purposes, from being the foundation of community-created games to driving virtual economies. As tradable NFTs, they form the basis of a global economic game, compatible with real-world businesses, serving as a gamified gateway into the Metaverse.


Claim Resources

Are you sure to burn this land to get resources?

By Burning your land you can mine out the following resources: