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Introducing Next Earth's Business Incubator

We IMAGINE, we BUILD, we LAUNCH, and we LEAD you to SUCCESS!

The opportunities in Web3 have started a new era for every company! From groundbreaking financing options to cutting-edge technological solutions, to community-centered growth, those who step in first can already count themselves among the winners!
We remember what it was like to enter the world of Web3 three years ago, and it wasn't easy. Our goal is to spare others from experiencing the tough parts.

At Next Earth, we've developed an ecosystem capable of providing comprehensive assistance and support to any company looking to leverage Web3 opportunities.
From strategy planning and consulting, through various simple or complex financing methods, to programming or integrating technological solutions, content creation, community building, and management - we know it all and we provide it all.

In the future, companies that achieve the best network effects as soon as possible, in terms of users, service providers, and partners, alongside the strategic use of technological innovations, will be the most successful. We offer solutions for both of these challenges.

Next Earth has established an incubation/acceleration process, functioning as a company incubator into web3. We help from the very beginning and as long as you need us.

Business Labs

Next Earth Labs maps out your project, whether it's a startup or a long-standing traditional economy business, and develops the most optimal strategy for you.

Business Lanuchpad

The Next Earth IDO Launchpad launches your project, whether it's through NFT or token issuance for financing, and connects you with the right service providers key to your success. Guaranteed Revenue and POST-FINANCING!!!

Business Launchpad

We kickstart your journey with fundraising, then generate ongoing additional revenue for your project. We'll set up the necessary components to build the ideal architecture, and integrate your project into our ecosystem, to help it thrive immediately.

30% success fee, minimum $70,000 (Guaranteed Revenue and POST-FINANCING!!!) This means you only pay us from the revenue we generate for you, effectively making our service and its benefits free.

Tokenomics development
Tokenomics development
Price: $10,000
IDO Marketing
IDO pre-marketing & post-marketing
Price: $20,000
Other IDO Workflows
Consulting, support, management, legal, accounting and a customized roadmap
Price: $35,000

Extra Opportunity

Work Together at Our Headquarters

Join us in person at our Headquarters. Explore all possibilities, accelerate your business in ways you haven't seen, use all our resources, and move forward together as efficiently as possible. 2 days, (Tuesday and Wednesday) $10,000.


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Secure your company's future by joining Next Earth Labs today

We welcome all businesses, both startups and already thriving businesses, that want to stay ahead of the curve. Next to our experience and solutions in web3, we are also loaded with Ai tech and experts. Our Ai specialists, will leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to achieve more, and take your business to an even higher level. For that we work together with Promptmaster Inc, Ai Education and Consultancy professionals. We'll conduct a joint Discovery process to develop the optimal strategy for you to fully utilize the possibilities of web3 and Ai.

Let us show you the endless potential in the digital economy and bring it to your doorstep!



We are developing a grant-based support system to assist projects lacking the financial resources to fulfill their dreams. Projects that pass our filtering system will receive $10,000 worth of consulting and strategy development. There we'll detail how to optimally integrate web3 monetization architecture into your project, whether it's a startup or an established business. You can find our grant system and services soon at hackathons, meetups, and conferences!



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