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The First True Land Ownership Platform in the Metaverse

With the power of NFTs, we are building a platform for users to purchase, develop, and sell virtual land mapped onto the Earth. By combining your entrepreneurial spirit with our infrastructure, our Next Earth will create true equity at every level.


How We Bring True Equity
to the Metaverse

Buying virtual land

At the core of our platform is the buying and selling of virtual land. As true NFT owners, our users can buy and sell their Next Earth land on their terms. Whether that means flipping, accumulating, developing land, each owner is free to pursue whatever strategy best suits their needs.



Entertainment in the Metaverse goes way beyond escapism. Like all true art forms, creations in the Metaverse open up new opportunities for connection and self-discovery. At Next Earth, we are attracting the best and brightest creators by giving them true ownership of their work and an unlimited canvas.



We take the environmental impact of blockchain technology seriously. That’s why we’re committed to not only reducing harm, but directly healing the Earth through our ever-increasing charitable contributions. It’s only fair that we share the abundance of Next Earth with the Earth we call home.



Just as physical land owners can profit from the activity on their land, Next Earth owners can stake their NFT’s to profit from activity on their virtual land. Thus, any owner can generate profits from any piece of land by attracting new users – which leads directly into our Launchpad and Platform as a Service.


Platform as a Service

Ultimately, these core elements combine to make Next Earth a true Platform as a Service. We provide the resources, infrastructure, and user base for any business to seamlessly expand or transition into the Metaverse. That, in turn, means more value creation across all Next Earth lands.



Our plan is for Next Earth to evolve into a fully operational DAO once the economy is up and running. The reason why is simple: the Metaverse itself should not – and cannot – be owned by anyone. Instead, we support an open and equitable ecosystem where true ownership reigns supreme.



Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of any free market economy. That’s why we welcome and encourage Metaverse entrepreneurs to build their businesses in Next Earth by providing access to funding, infrastructure, and mentorship. The result? A more prosperous, innovative, and equitable economy for all.



Platform as a Service

Whatever you hope to build in the Metaverse – a lifestyle, an investment vehicle, a business, or even an industry – Next Earth is the all in one platform you need. We provide the foundation so you have the freedom to create.

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Leveraging our resources, we are already attracting the most innovative and promising new ventures in the Metaverse to the Next Earth Launchpad.



The Future of Entertainment in the Metaverse

As the Internet has proven time and time again, entertainment is a massive driver of digital innovation. At Next Earth, we embrace this fact and welcome creators across all media to create, collaborate, and most importantly maintain ownership of creative contributions.


By coloring in one pixel at a time, users can collaborate en masse to create stunning art pieces layered on top of their virtual land.

Limitless Possibilities

With virtual land as their canvas and virtually unlimited tools at their disposal, only time will tell what the creators of Next Earth will achieve!


The Metaverse offers a true blank canvas for musicians to create the concerts of their dreams.

PTE (Play to Earn)

As the fastest growing segment in crypto gaming, PTE offers gamers the chance to finally translate their skill and dedication into genuine asset ownership.



1,118,181 USDT raised for charity


Environmental Charity Because Earth Still Counts

Without Earth, there is no Next Earth. That’s why we’ve been dedicated to supporting environmental charities since day one. With every transaction in the Next Earth ecosystem, including land sales, we send a portion to the hand-selected charities below.



See the Roadmap
of Next Earth!

With so many exciting developments on the horizon, we at Next Earth are committed to keeping our promises and remaining open and transparent about the development process. To see what we’ve accomplished already and what’s coming up next, take a look at our Roadmap below!